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3 Reasons to Get Preventative Maintenance for Your Trailer Each Year

Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 9:00AM

3 Reasons to Get Preventative Maintenance for Your Trailer Each Year

No one wants to discover their trailer is broken just before a big trip. Maybe the wheel bearings are shot, perhaps the tires won’t hold air, or maybe there’s a leak in your enclosed trailer, and there’s a storm headed your way. Now you’re traveling without your trailer, or even worse, staying home.

No matter what made your trailer inoperable, chances are it could have been avoided with a little preventative maintenance. Don’t wait until your trailer breaks to address repair issues. Take care of them early, before you face a serious problem.

You’ll Save Money

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is certainly true with your trailer, too. When you catch problems before they become problems, you can avoid major headaches later.

The frustrating truth is that when one component on a trailer breaks, it can easily cause damage to other parts, too.

Or consider a leaking roof. That leak isn’t just a leak. It’s a way for water to destroy vital parts of your trailer’s interior. If you have a plywood floor, the moisture from the leak could cause that plywood to warp. A leak could also lead to rust that can quickly spread, and you may have to replace large sections of your trailer.

If you get your trailer on a preventative maintenance plan, you can catch these small issues in time.

You’ll Be Safer

A trailer that hasn’t been maintained is unsafe. While it seems from the outside that trailers are simple, there are plenty of failure points that may not be as obvious. Here are some areas where broken or worn parts could be dangerous:

  • Worn tires with poor traction
  • Tires with slow leaks
  • Rusted axles ready to break
  • Brakes that won’t hold
  • Brakes that won’t release
  • Intermittently working lights
  • Safety chains that are rusted or worn

Any of these could lead to an accident or other damage. Plus, some items, like drum brakes, need periodic adjustment anyway. Deferring maintenance can cause these items to fail.

Just because your trailer hasn’t been used in a while doesn’t mean it’s in good shape, either. A parked trailer can degrade almost as fast as one that‘s in constant use.

You’ll Avoid Downtime

Let’s say you and your friends and family want to go tailgating. Your trailer needs to haul all the appropriate tailgating gear. But then you realize as you’re about to leave that the brakes are stuck and won’t budge.

It’s annoying when leisure activities get interrupted this way, but it could be career-damaging if you aren’t able to haul something for a job.

A well-maintained trailer is a trailer you can trust. When you get the call to haul, you need to know that you can hop in the truck and get the job done. Preventive maintenance won’t eliminate every possibility of a breakdown, but it will drastically reduce your chances.

Keep Your Trailer Going with Trailer Repair in Orlando

Sometimes your trailer is going to break. That’s why, in addition to preventative maintenance, you need to have a trusted place for trailer repair in Orlando. If you can do some work yourself, have a source for your Orlando trailer parts, too. Then get out there and haul something!

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